Carol Smeraldo

Smeraldo Pottery at One Off Studio

East Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact Information:

East Preston is located 15 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
There is a good map on on my page.
My studio is located in a lakeside woodland.

Studio Description:

Working fulltime in clay, making and teaching, for 37 years, my current work has 2 directions. One is an exploration of Raku Techniques contrasting and harmonizing with Translucent Porcelain in vessel forms. The other area of exploration is connected to my interest in the ways of the Creative Cycle, expressed in porcelain. “A Symbolic Journey in Porcelain: Part One” premiered in 2003. Part Two is in the works. For lots of photos, more explanations and resume/artist statement, please visit my website and for the most current news visit:
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