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Schwartz, Phyllis


Phyllis Schwartz

Vancouver, BC Canada



Contact Information:

Studio is located near the University of British Columbia
Call or email for an appointment.

Studio Description:

In home studio specializing in hand building, local clay, unique glaze effects; sculptural and semi-functional ware; also, raku and wood/soda fired works. I am a Vancouver, BC based ceramics artist who explores glaze materials and effects in sculptural and functional forms. I am interested in exploring the haptic qualities of ceramic objects. Everything has the potential to mark the surface of my clay: carpet underlay, tea towels, lace, burlap, tree bark, the sole of a shoe. These surfaces then become a canvas for my glaze experiments. I work in a wide variety of traditions: work fired in oxidation and reduction (wood, soda, gas, raku); functional/semi-functional ware is lead-free, food safe and dishwasher-safe.

Potters’ Mark:
Potter's Mark