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Rouillier, Renee

Renee Rouillier

Renee Rouillier, Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

Columbia, South Carolina


Email: cerrae@aol.com

Contact Information: www.reneerouillier.com

Studio Description:


Handbuilt earthenware, multi-fired using oxides, terra sigillata, underglazes, glazes, and mixed media.

I have always been attracted to the art of the Surrealist and German Expressionist; art that has an edge or an unforeseen side of reality. The forms of my sculptures are often figurative incorporating influences from the natural world. References are drawn from past and present tribal cultures, cultures innately aware of the interrelatedness of all life forms with their surroundings.

Myths, legends, and beliefs passed down for generations contain the magic of possible powers and gifts humans, animals and wildlife are empowered with, but also the consequences of misuse. Many of my sculptures integrate wildlife imagery to portray traits associated with them, revealing one’s true nature or intent.

Although I have worked abstractly, the figure is more narrative and becomes my voice for concerns/issues that we as a society and world are confronted with daily. Advancements in science and technology have provided immense benefits, but there has been and will continue to be a price to pay. Individually and as a society, we must be held accountable for our actions and the potential for exploitation.