Bob Pool 

Bob Pool Pottery

Berkeley, California



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Studio Description:

I am a fourth generation San Franciscan, born in 1946 and raised in Marin County. My original career was in Biology (A.B., U.C. Berkeley; PhD., UCLA). I was merrily pursuing a career in research when, in 1979, I took a casual course in pottery. I immediately fell in love with clay and the transformation of amorphous blobs of mud into beautiful forms. I felt as though a hidden part of me had been revealed and it demanded expression. Soon I found that I wanted to devote all of my energy to making pots, and in 1982, I gave up my life in science for that of a studio potter. I am basically self- taught in the craft.

I am a Past President of the Association of Ceramic and Glass Artists of California.
Artist-in residence at Wood Fire Festivals in Japan (Aomori), Korea (Osan) and China (Zibo). Founding Member of the International Ceramic Artist Association, Zibo, China.

Museum collections:
Zibo International Ceramic Art Gallery, Zibo, Shandong, China
Zibo Ceramics Museum, Zibo, Shandong, China
Qingtao Technical College Ceramic Museum, Qingtao, Shandong, China World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Yeoju, Republic of Korea Hacettepe University Fine Arts Collection, Ankara, Turkey

Recent Exhibitions:
“Eight from ACGA”, Davis Art Center, Davis CA
“The Perfect Plate”, Lill Street Gallery, Chicago IL
“Clay & Glass National Juried Exhibition”, City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea CA
“California Clay Competition”, The Artery Gallery, Davis Ca. Prize for functional work for “Angry Birds”.

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