Darlene Patterson
Noblesville, Indiana

Patterson Pottery



Contact Information:
14944 E. 206th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060
Please call for appointment and directions.

Studio Description:
Working in my small home studio, I begin by purchasing high-fired clay.  Forming techniques consist of wheel throwing and hand-building and most of my work occurs while the clay is “wet” or slightly “leather-hard.”  Textures and patterns are applied to the wet clay by pressing lace and found objects into the surface followed by rolling slip over the top.  The most fun comes from the affects of stretching the wet clay after the design is applied.  This is done both on the wheel and on the slabs.  The manipulation causes the slip design to stretch in interesting and unpredictable ways.  The end result is a pattern that looks cracked and distorted.  Following that with a transparent glaze enhances the design.

The majority of my pots are designed to have a utilitarian purpose.  For example, there are comfortable cups to drink hot tea, plates for food, or vases for flowers.  All of them designed to make the experience of living more delightful.

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