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Oster, Christine


Christine Oster

Yaak Valley Ceramics

Email: christine.g.oster@gmail.com

Contact Information:


361 Red Band Rd.
Troy, MT 59935

Studio Description:

We built our retirement home to accommodate a studio and kiln room. It’s cozy and just the right size for my husband and me.
I have been working in clay since 2006. What began as taking a class at a local art center has developed into a passion. I was a teacher for 26 years, always taking an art class along the way. I learned silversmithing in Boston, watercolor and collage in Bloomington, IN, dabbled in PMC, and finally found my medium in clay. I was lucky to study with three talented potters in Indiana before my retirement to Montana. I am a lifelong learner…my New Year’s goals all relate to skills I want to improve and techniques to try in the studio.

Variety of work: I work in stoneware fired to cone 6. All of my pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe. My pendants are unique and an extension of my work in silver and PMC. I also enjoy throwing, altering, and handbuilding. I make mugs, plates and platters, and other functional pieces. My favorites are the pieces I create that are one of a kind, usually altered in some way. I like to create everyday objects that will bring more beauty into your life. My work is available at Real Art Works in Troy, MT.