Beverly Morrison

Beverly Morrison Ceramic Sculptor

Pasadena, California

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Studio Description:

Beverly Gilroy Ceramic Sculptor
Resident Artist at AMOCA

My sculptural work draws deeply from personal experiences and emotional obstacles; communicating conflicted states of balance and harmony while, at the same time, trying to facilitate a state of healing and growth. I use the female figure as a potent symbol and powerful muse. Within the female figure, I can portray anything from a sensual tranquility, to a naive innocence or an evocative pose of passion. However, all are surrounded by a variety of complexities.


Complexities I appropriate from the natural world; as it weighs heavily on my work. Textures and colors aid me to lay siege upon my sculptural figures; challenging their existence with discord and inquiry. Ultimately, my hope is that the viewer will be drawn into this developing push/pull dialogue; arousing them on an emotional level and drawing them in on a physically one as well.

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