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Suvira McDonald

Suvira McDonald

Mullumbimby, NSW Australia


Email: suvira@suviramcdonald.com


Contact Information:

there is a google map link on my homepage. Click on “forested hinterland.” You can call me 612-66849194.


Studio Description:

Practicing for 20 years. MA in Ceramics from Southern Cross University Lismore NSW Australia. I produce delicious tableware, unique sculpture and wall mounted landscapes. It is a wide specttrum of ceramic works and I fire at 1300ºC in reduction mostly. Also currently building a wood kiln.


I see working with clay as a dance with nature. For me, there is no other medium or mineral that comes so close to being alive and human-like in its characteristics. There are many metaphors in ceramics that support this observation. We awaken the clay by wedging. We are aware of the clay’s memory when manipulating fine-grained porcelain. Dry clay breaths and expands as is absorbs water. It goes through metamorphosis, aging over time in a heavy plastic bag or maturing as we subject it to heat and energy. These characteristics are exactly what keep me on my toes and thoroughly engage my subconscious as I create with this highly responsive material.


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