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Karen Mahoney

City by the Sea Ceramics

Independence, Oregon


Email: citybytheseaceramics@gmail.com

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Studio Description:

As a potter, my focus is on functional wares meant for everyday use, and my hope is that its users develop a close relationship with the pottery. By using surfaces and glazes that entice the eye for a closer look, and making forms, handles and curves that provide functional, tactile pleasure, the user is able to make a connection with the work through familiarity. This gained intimacy allows the user to make ordinary events a routine of small joy, memorable, and significant.


I’ve always loved Asian art and its ability to bring a humble elegance and beauty to an everyday setting. Like pottery, it has a subtle serenity that asks the viewer to stop and breathe, contemplate the beauty, and enjoy the small delights. Whether it is the delicate petals of a drawn chrysanthemum or the soft shades of celadon glazes, there is a quiet but striking gracefulness to see.


While there is this line of humility and significance shared between Asian art and pottery, the Asian influence stretches further into my work by borrowing techniques, forms, glazes, and imagery from Japan, China, and Korea. I am not interested in isolating these influences, but rather drawing out portions of them and reconstructing them with a modern perspective, style, and relevance.




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