Debra Lampert-Rudman

Potterypup Studios

Pennington, New Jersey



Contact Information:

My ceramic art is exclusively represented by
The William Secord Gallery, 52 E. 76th Street, NY, NY

Studio Description:

I create high-fire stoneware and porcelain ceramics bringing a contemporary dog-lover’s sensitivity to the traditional style.


I am an award-winning ceramic artist whose work has been accepted several times for the juried “Art Show at The Dog Show” and in a variety of national galleries.


The Commission Process:
I normally work from photographs. After talking with the client about the dog’s personality (favorite toy, places he/she likes to go, etc.) I study the AKC Standard for the breed.


First, I create a small watercolor sketch of the proposed piece which is shown to the client for their approval. The ceramic piece is then created using stoneware clay. The length of time to create each piece varies. After its first firing, it is painted with underglazes which are applied in at least three layers to achieve the correct color, depth and dimension. The underglazes dry for several days and a final glaze coating is then applied, drying for another day or two. The final glaze is fired in a high-fire kiln. Once glaze-fired, the art work is non-porous and the colors are permanent, deep, bright, and vibrant. Each ceramic piece is unique and the entire process takes about 4-6 weeks.


I am currently accepting a limited number of new commissions. Please contact the gallery for more details or to view more examples of her work.



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