Ashley Kim
San Diego, California

Ashley Kim Clayworks


Contact Information:
Ashley Kim Clayworks
3660 Reynard Way
San Diego, CA 92103


Studio Description:
I am a studio artist who focuses on functional ceramics.  I am interested in making handmade pots that are thoughtfully created for use.  They are intended to bring joy and richness to the user’s daily activities of serving food, eating and drinking. And, I believe that my creative process ends with the user.


My formal education in Ceramics includes a BFA from Utah State University and a MFA from Indiana University Bloomington. While my formal training has helped in shaping me as an artist, my commitment to the craft and love for the medium have grown over the years of working with clay.  Now i have the luxury of working at my home studio and tending my garden, 2 infatuations at this moment, in the same setting.    

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