Jake Johnson

Spring Mills, Pennsylvania


Email: jakesclayart@gmail.com


Contact Information:


Jake Johnson makes functional and sculptural ceramic pieces from stoneware and porcelain. He holds an MFA in ceramics from Penn State University and lives in Spring Mills, in central Pennsylvania. Jake’s work has been shown throughout the United States at exhibits such as Strictly Functional, Feats of Clay, the Beyond the Brickyard. His work is sold through an online shop, art fairs, and galleries including, along with others: Lillstreet in Chicago, Red Star Studios in Kansas City, and 18 Hands in Houston. Visit www.jakesclayart.com to see complete listings and more images of work.


Studio Description:

My work is rooted in a tempo or mood that I think comes from some combination of my personality and my interest in nature and biology. Spending the past several years in central Pennsylvania has been wonderful in this regard; I spend a lot of time in the woods, hiking and looking for mushrooms. The variety and diversity of life that I encounter finds its way into my work. By giving my work just some of the basic qualities of life–a sense of movement, growth, and breath—the pieces develop presence and take on unique personalities and trajectories.


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