Pat House

Houseworks Pottery

Jacksonville, North Carolina


Contact Information:
663 Par Drive
Jacksonville, N.C. 28540


Studio Description:
Pat House is a native of North Carolina, graduating from East Carolina University in 1986 with a BS in Art Education. After teaching high school art for ten years she left to pursue motherhood and continue to develop her passion of clay art in her at-home studio, Houseworks Pottery.Pat has enjoyed art expression since childhood having been greatly influenced by her grandmother, also an art teacher, who kept her supplied with art materials and encouraged her to develop her own unique style. Pat found clay is a wonderful medium that allows her to explore both painting and sculpting techniques. With Phoenix clay, as used in stoneware, Pat fires her pieces in either electric or gas raku kilns. Her process with clay has evolved to building slab work, drawing the image onto the clay surface for carving, and then applying the glazes and slips. Raku is Pat’s favorite firing method; creating uniquely different pieces with a little mystery or surprise each time. The oceans’ inhabitants also influenced Pat’s art with their beauty of form, grace, and vivid coloration. Her favorite creatures to depict are the turtle, star fish, and fish in general. Her desire is to share her joy of the earth’s beauty and life with others through her art.

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