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Dusty Holmes

Dusty Holmes Pottery

Naples, Florida


Email: dusty.beck@gmail.com

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Studio Description:

Years ago handmade objects were for utilitarian purposes only and usually made out of necessity. As man evolved, a certain aesthetic aspect was added to these objects.


Working in clay allows the best of both worlds. I can make things that are utilitarian and yet have a certain aspect of beauty to them. I primarily work by handbuilding, using a slab which I painstakingly mold and shape with various tools and techniques, giving my pieces form, function and beauty. No two pieces are exactly alike.


My work is greatly influenced by Mother Nature. I find the lines and textures found in nature are very complementary to the clay itself. A pottery wheel is not used. Each piece is formed from a slab, giving it an organic quality not usually found in wheel thrown pottery. Any asymmetry in form, or variation in glaze color are characteristic of the process and part of the beauty. The Japanese use the term “wabi-sabi” which means to find beauty within the imperfect.

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