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Gronauer, Skippy

Sylvia “Skippy” Gronauer

Richmond, Virginia


Email: rgskippy@verizon.net

Contact Information:

3115A Stony Point Rd, Richmond, VA 23235
I work through the Visual Arts Center, W. Main St., Richmond, VA.

Studio Description:

My hand built clay pieces are quick, energetic studies that reflect the love of form and texture. They represent honest, thoughtful responses to experiences unconsciously recalled.  

I feel all artists benefit from experimenting with different mediums. Their hand-eye coordination, attentiveness and flexibility will be strengthened.  My BFA in painting has influenced my relationship with clay in a positive manner.  

The process of defining goals and working with focus is important to me. My current goal is to continue building large clay vessels, combined with other mediums (glass and metal) ultimately guiding me towards more sculptural forms. My desire always is originality and growth as a visual artist.