Martie Geiger-Ho

Kiln Lore Ceramics

Bradford, Pennsylvania



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Inspired by myths and rituals about the craft and processes of pottery making and firing, Martie Geiger-Ho’s figurative deities and masks are actually modern interpretations of the potter’s mythical protective firing guardian, or symbol of good luck, the “kiln god.” In addition to her sculptures, which are often inspired by archetypal fertility goddesses from Paleolithic cultures, Geiger-Ho also is works with vessel forms, which as she explains, echo the primal aspects of the ceramic processes that involves such basic elements as clay and fire that transforms the potter’s ware from a state of non-functional fragility to one of stone-like permanence. According to Geiger-Ho, her vessels and Kiln Guardian sculptures also share a special relationship in that during a typical ceramic firing the Kiln Guardian’s would be expected to watch over the firing and to keep the pots safe from the kinds of accidents that could easily ruin them while they were being subjected to the rigors of the fire.


Geiger-Ho wrote a book, The Worship of Kiln Gods: From the Temples of China to the Studios of Western Potters, published by Outskirts Press in Parker, California, 2012.

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