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Gammack, Kathryn

Kathryn Gammack

Thornwood Studios

West Des Moines, Iowa

Email: keg478@aol.com

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Studio Description:

I keep experimenting with different clay bodies and glazes and have decided – I think – I like Hagi Cone 5 porcelain, Satin Black and Matte White glazes and recently have started marking everything I make with a red dot! Just for the heck of it – no reason. The smoother and more simple the form, the better I like it. My current new role model is Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist Ann Van Hoey. Other personal favorites are Lucie Rei, Jose Sierra, Justin Teilhet, Jennifer McCurdy and Lynda Ladwig.


Having said that, my most original work I call MyPods. The new one on this page with the lilies in it is an example.