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Donahue, Mary

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Mary Donahue

Shiva D. Studio

Tallahassee, Florida



Contact Information:

985 Sora Road, Tallahassee FL 32305

Piney woods and sinkholes 10 miles south of the Florida Capital building.

Phone: 850-421-1372

Studio Description:

I call my studio Shiva D Studio. Here I investigate creative possibilities, give classes in primitive pottery making methods and create my work in both clay and mixed media. Somehow, the image of Shiva dancing in a ring-of-fire, seemed an appropriate inspiration for my studio. The “D” is for Donahue.


I’m inspired by ancient artists who invented ways to make wonderful sculptural objects and vessels, that would last for thousands of years, yet they used only a few simple tools and low firing methods to harden the clay.

My art is about human interactions with nature and with each other, so you can see, the past 20 years in the woods has given me some first hand experience, as well as, providing plenty of fuel for smoke firing my clay art. What could be better, inspiration, as well as, fuel for making art?