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Cervantes, Terry

tj Cervantes Art

Palmdale, California


Email: tjcervantes@gmail.com

Contact Information:

I sell my work online on my website, and on etsy, https://www.etsy.com/shop/tjCervantesArt

You can also contact me on:


Studio Description:

My work is based on nature and surrealism. I received my Bachelors in Art in Illustration. My love for story telling in legends, folklore and fantasy story telling in children’s illustration is the driving factor for my ceramics. I have always been fascinated with surrealism and trompe l’oeil, so I use that as my basis for my story telling through my ceramics. The shape is crucial in my design of the type of drawing or artwork that is painted then fired on my ceramics to make it come to life as a seed pod, or a moon or any of the ideas I express in my pottery.