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Cervantes, Terry

tj Cervantes Art

Palmdale, California 


Contact Information:

You can contact me through my Etsy Shop
Etsy Shop:

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Studio Description:

Artist/ Potter- Terry Cervantes combines her love of painting and drawing with clay.


Asian and Mexican/ Native American influences along with a deep love of the earth and the sea are captured in clay through various techniques.


I use the clay as my canvas, I want art pieces that are both art inspiring and functional and wonderful to touch and hold. All the pottery I make is functional yet some pieces can be displayed on a wall, or a shelve. They stand alone as a whimsical art piece.


I have been an artist all my life. I was a production potter when I first started my carrier in art, obtained my degree in drawing and painting at CSUN. I taught art in the Los Angeles County Jail System for 25 years. For the last five years I have been pursuing my career as only an artist.


I am looking into my self and pulling out my influences and experience that I have encountered throughout my life, and bringing it to the world through my love of clay, and surrealism, and a good story….