Diana Brower

Crop Circle Clay

Troy, Ohio


Email: cropcircleclay@woh.rr.com

Website: www.CropCircleClay.com

Contact Information:
77-361 Ainanani Street, Kailua-Kona, HI, 96740, 808-322-9474


Studio Description:
Phone: 937-301-0481


Potters Mark:

Hello! My name is Diana Brower and I make these pots in my own studio in Ohio, USA. I hand-build some pieces, throw other pots on my wheel and then fire all of them in my electric kiln. I love to make these pots! They bring me such joy! As I sit down at my wheel I first bring in Reiki energy to connect with the clay. This energy opens up my creativity and grounds me to Mother Earth. Then I try to listen to what the clay would like to become. When I know that this small ball of clay will be a mug, I form a picture in my inner eye of the shape that I desire. Then my hands and my muses do the rest!


The decorations that I use on my pottery are the crop circle patterns that please me the most. I also like to add inspirational text. I print my own laser decals on a laser printer and it’s the iron oxide of the toner that burns into the pots in a special 3rd kiln firing. This extra step requires more materials (decals & toner), labor (I spend about 30 min. designing each piece) and electricity, so these pots are more expensive than my ‘regular’ pottery that is only fired 2x. But, of course they are worth it!


The crop circle designs are formations (pictographs or star glyphs) found in the crops of farmer’s fields all over the world. I love them! They are both beautiful and inspirational. I believe they trigger the divine spark in all of us. Although predominantly found in the county of Wiltshire in England, there have also been some in my home state of Ohio! We don’t really know who creates them but the patterns are created with sacred geometry. Many, many theories abound! I can’t wait to walk into my first crop circle and feel the energies. I’d love to lay down and meditate there!


Sacred Geometry & Reiki: Many people believe that the sacred geometry of the crop circles radiate divine energy. Whether the design rests in a barley field or on a coffee mug does not matter; they believe that the contents of their mug will be infused with this energy. So, whether it’s the Reiki or the sacred geometry of the crop circles, these pots are just bursting with energy! Many people even feel it when they wear one of my pendants. If you’re as sensitive to energy as I am, no doubt you’ll feel it too.


My pots are high fired to cone 5 for durability and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The designs are permanent and will not come off in your dishwasher. Silicone lids for my travel mugs are also dishwasher safe! Also, only lead-free glazes are used.


Buddy, our adorable yellow Labrador is my only assistant. He keeps me company in the studio! I’m a one woman studio; the ceramic artist, photographer, marketing specialist, publicist, bookkeeper and shipping clerk all rolled into one and I love it!


Personalized pots take approximately 8 weeks to complete. I’ve learned that I spend 90 minutes on each and every piece and in between that time there is lots of drying time as well as 3 kiln firings. Remember–the kiln has to be full before I fire, meaning your order won’t be the only one in there! So, 6-8 weeks is as quick as I can turn around orders at this time. Please be patient with me. :-)

Happily, there are Crop Circle Clay pots all over the world! In addition to about 40 U.S. states, I’ve also shipped my pots customers in: Australia, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, England, Japan, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Germany and France.

I do produce my pottery for wholesale orders to gift shops, cafes/coffee shops, online boutiques and healing centers. Please contact me if you’re interested. Thank you!