VOTE for 2012 Board Members

As of March 2012, two of the board members terms will be expiring; Chris Campbell (serving as Past-President) and Paul Andrew Wandless (Vice-President). We as members of the board and members of Potters Council would like to thank both for their excellent service in building Potters Council into the remarkable organization it is today. Both of them have truly made a difference!


From now and until March 1, 2012 you (PC members) will be asked to vote for the new Members of the Board of the Potters Council.


We have five compelling candidates who are ready to represent you for the next three years. You can vote online or send in the paper ballot included in the January Potters’ Pages Newsletter (mailed mid January).


Now, we are going to ask YOU to get serious.


Take five minutes of your time to read their bios and statements, and consider who would do the best job of representing YOU. Please don’t vote for someone because you heard their name somewhere … STOP and read about all of them. You might not have heard of the names, but that does not mean they are not a first rate candidate.


The better the people you elect, the more we can get accomplished. Good people will move our projects from the planning stages into reality for YOU.


Remember the deadline to vote is March 1, 2012.