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Resources and References
Potters Council members now have exclusive access to information that can be utilized in the studio or for a business. Whether you’re just starting in clay or a professional this page will provide information and resources for you to grow in clay. This page will continue to change and provide more and more information for you to access.



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Business Signage

Our goal is to help make your booth or selling space look professional and gallery-like as possible. We have put together three styles for you to choose from–Green, Blue and Scroll.  Each of these styles comes in three sizes that are intended to be used with picture frames of your choice–8.5″ x 11″, 5″ x 7″, and 4″ x 6″.  The signs are in pdf format and print easily from your home computer. Having a cohesive design for your signs will keep your booth or selling space professional.  Be sure to use only the signs that you need and not overcrowd the area. The business signage is FREE to Potters Council members. Read more.. 


Potters Council Studio References

Members of Potters Council will now have exclusive access to information that you can utilize in your studio. The Potters Council Guide to Successful Glazing and Firing is full of information to help you continue to be successful in the studio. This studio reference will help you select, process, and test materials for great results. Potters Council will continually add useful reference guides. The Studio Reference material is FREE to Potters Council members. Read more…


Member Directory
Connect with members around the world with members-only access in Potters Council’s online Member Directory. Here you can search for colleagues and friends as well as make new contacts with other artists in the ceramic community. There are many ways to utilize the Member Directory: Working in clay can sometimes be a solitary pursuit. But there are times that we need to share ideas, ask questions, and search for solutions. There are times when we need a community of people who think like us, who feel like us, who love clay like us. That community is Potters Council. Read more…


Get Plugged into Social Media

As those of us who are working potters well know, the craft of pottery can be a very solitary form of creative expression. It’s tremendously easy to get lost in the world of clay and often times it’s difficult to know how to plug into our communities or the world at large. Lyndsay Meiklem, Potters Council Board Member, shares her experiences with social media in five article series published in Potters’ Pages. Read more…

                                Potters Council Question of the Week

questionofweekOur Question of the Week is about having a fun, creative way on our Potters Council forum to laugh, share, and interact. We will be posting a “Question of the Week” every week for you to answer, give an opinion, or maybe laugh a little. The questions will range from the serious to playful. The Question of the Week is a way for Potters Council members to connect online and discuss new topics each week.  A way for the clay community to interact with one another.

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Shipping Success

Don’t fall victim to bad packing! Learn the best way to ensure safe delivery of your precious artwork.

Artist and proprietor, Charlie Cummings, shows his preferred method of packing in this tutorial.


Gallery Guide

The following directory is a regularly updated list of galleries that typically exhibit ceramics, as well as museums with significant ceramics collections. You will find establishments that display contemporary and historical pottery, ceramic sculpture, installation and experimental works by well-known and emerging ceramic artists.


United States museums and galleries are listed alphabetically by state, then by city, then venue name. International locations are listed alphabetically by country, then by city, then venue name. 


Only venues that have verified the information in their listings have been included. Contact information has been included to allow you to check current offerings and hours before visiting. To help us make the guide more comprehensive, please submit new listings via our online Gallery Guide Listing Form.

Go here to the Gallery Guide Listing.







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