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Whether you’re a passionate professional or an enthusiastic amateur, you need to share your insights, questions, and comments with people who understand you. Making pottery can be a solitary pursuit. Talking and learning about it doesn’t have to be.


As a member of Potters Council you have added your name to the growing list of potters and ceramic artists who are proud to count themselves among the membership of the Potters Council.


Working in clay can sometimes be a solitary pursuit. But there are times that we need to share ideas, ask questions, search for solutions. There are times when we need a community of people who think like us, who feel like us, who love clay like us. That community is Potters Council.


Welcome to Potters Council–a distinguished group of artist and artisans, passionate professionals and avid amateurs.


A nurturing, creative community
The Potters Council was formed to create a community of potters and ceramic artists from around the world. This is a community of potters dedicated to supporting each other by sharing ideas, insights, and advice. Community is important. We can all share techniques and tips and add new dimensions to each other’s works–and our own. You never know what will inspire your work or influence your next project. But that’s part of the joy of pottery! As a member of the Potters Council, you’re part of a creative, compassionate community of people who understand you.


Connected to the clay
Potters Council is a nonprofit subsidiary of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS). It was formed to serve you: potters, ceramic artists, lovers of clay. Our mission is to meet the needs of studio potters and ceramic artists by providing a place for knowledge exchange and professional enhancement.


Our goals are simple:

  • Support studio pottery as a professional and recreational activity by providing valuable programs and services.
  • Provide forums for discussion of issues, and a means to address them.
  • Tap into The American Ceramic Society’s wealth of technical knowledge in ceramics.
  • Organize groups on local, regional, national, and international levels–working closely with and supporting existing arts organizations.
  • Provide business and career opportunities.
  • Support the efforts of ACerS to promote ceramic awareness.

Learn more about benefits of membership
As a member of Potters Council, you’re part of the potter’s world. We have members from around the world, a great asset in expanding your creative horizon. And there are other benefits to joining the Potters Council. Read more about your benefits…