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Member Benefit – Reliable and Affordable Credit Card Services




DID YOU KNOW that the Potters Council provides members with reliable and affordable credit card services? If you are currently using a service for credit cards, be sure to compare what Chase Paymentech can provide you as a Member of Potters Council, and if you’re looking to expand your sales opportunities by accepting credit, now is the time.

KEY FEATURE – Paymentech charges only $3.50 monthly fee to use their services.



Gregg Lindsley on the rewards of membership.
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“I’ve been using the credit card service for my pottery business for 7 years now. It is through Paymentech Services, and is easy to use. The charges for MasterCard and Visa processing are lower than normal, and there is only a $3.50 per month carrying charge. I use the phone system, where I call the credit card number into the company over the phone, and the money goes into my checking account. It takes six days from the time I call to the time it shows up in my account. I use my cell phone, and I know right away if it is a good card or not. I would recommend signing up for this service using the special form for Potters Council members. Paymentech’s staff is easy to work with and I have found them most helpful fixing the few problems I have encountered.”







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Carolyn S. Dorr
Potters Council
email: cdorr@ceramics.org