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Scratching the Surface: Creating an Iconic Language

Scratching the Surace: Creating an Iconic Language
Karen Newgard, presenter at the upcoming Lexington, Kentucky conference THE CERAMIC VOICE | NARRATIVE WORKS IN CLAY,  will explain her process of image and icon development and how she builds a body of work. She will work on different forms demonstrating her techniques for carving, sgraffitio, sprigs, and mishima. Karen will also discuss how her glazing and firing methods enhance decoration surfaces.


Additional Information:

Karen received her BFA in Ceramics in 1992 from Louisana State University. She then moved to North Carolina and completed Core Student Fellowship at Penland School of Crafts and remained in North Carolina setting up a full time pottery studio. Karen has returned to Penland to teach concentration and teaches workshops in the southeast. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally; participating in the NCECA Shared Journeys: Chinese/American Ceramic Art and Education Symposium. Karen has also been an invited panelist at the San Diego NCECA conference. Her work can be found in multiple publications including Lark 500 Series and other educational text books. Karen currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she has a home studio as well as a studio and gallery in the vibrant River Arts District.


For more information about Karen, visit www.karennewgardpottery.com




Potters Council Conference
The Ceramic Voice | Narrative Works in Clay
Lexington, Kentucky
October 19-21, 2012
Presented by Potters Council

Hosted by Kentucky Mudworks


Potters Council along with host Kentucky Mudworks from Lexington, Kentucky have put together an amazing line up of presenters:


Linda Arbuckle, Lisa Clague, Ron Meyers, Karen Newgard,
Kevin Snipes and Kurt Weiser.

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