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Health Insurance for Artists!

Potters Council offers health insurance for Artists! Get a rate in less than 15 seconds and enroll in as little as 15 minutes.


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Introducing the NEW Potters Council Health Insurance Exchange!


We realize that one of the largest barriers for ceramic artists is the rising cost and burden of health care, which is why Potters Council offers its members the opportunity to take advantage of our Health Care Plans.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Assess your situation and find out if you are eligible for subsidies.
  2. Shop for plans ON and OFF the Public Health Insurance Exchanges.
  3. Apply for the health plan of your choice with or without subsidies.



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Watch and learn about navigating through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with our new short video series.

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***Plans designs and access to product may vary by state***


To learn more about the options available to lower your health insurance costs and maintain comprehensive coverage, visit www.potterscouncilhealthplans.com or contact JBLG Health at 866-425-3335 for more details, member rates and a 15-minute phone application.


Community of people
Working in clay can sometimes be a solitary pursuit. But there are times that we need to share ideas, ask questions, search for solutions. There are times when we need a community of people who think like us, who feel like us, who love clay like us. That community is Potters Council.


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Member, Janice Hofmann on Health Benefits

Owner of All Fired Up! Ceramic Art Center
“I had given up on getting my own health insurance which meant I had to keep my day job or take the gamble of being uninsured. My business, All Fired Up! Ceramic Art Center in Chico, California was doing well, but combining it with a job was too much! Twice before my husband and I were declined coverage after submitting applications to Blue Cross and Blue Sheild. This was shocking to me because we are in excellent health, height/weight proportionate, non-smokers. BUT my husband had on his medical records that he had some diagnostic tests and now we were considered un-insurable.


When I saw the ad on the website that the Potters Council had an opportunity for health insurance I was very skeptical but initiated contact. After a brief and friendly conversation with Mike, we applied and I am happy to say, have a great policy AND the premium is $200 less a month than the policies we were denied. I am VERY happy and I get to focus on my business and my art 100%.


Member, Kelly Averill Savino on Health Benefits 
Potters Council Past Board Member and Ceramic Artist
“In 2008 my husband — the main breadwinner for a family of five — lost his job. It was a University position, and we lost health coverage, dental and orthodontic, prescription, vision, and tuition waivers for my three kids.


Through the Potters Council we have had access to a reasonable, high deductible insurance policy that we paired with a health savings account. He now teaches part time at 4 different colleges, and I teach at a college, a guild, and out of my own studio, but none of those combinations provide health coverage!