PC_NONMEMBERUSE_650Treat Yourself and a Friend

by Giving a Gift that Gives Throughout the Year


Get 2 Memberships for the price of 1
You and a friend are invited to join our growing community of clay lovers. Share. ideas, meet new people, and take advantage of the many benefits of membership starting now!




Special Offer Expires December 31, 2014
Gift membership will be sent a gift card in December on your behalf.


By becoming a member with a friend, you both get the opportunity to show off your latest work in the members only juried show or calendars. Plan a clay weekend together by attending one of Potters Council’s regional workshops. You could both reach out to potters nearby, across the country, or around the world with our member directory. Check out all the benefits!


Potters Council has something for everyone
Membership is open to artists at all levels: from enthusiastic amateur, to the teacher, and for the professional. Give a gift that will last the whole year.


Giving your friend the gift of membership, will have her thanking you…


  • For the 20% discount on all our magazines, books, DVDs and digital downloads
  • For access to their own personal online artist portfolio.
  • For the opportunity to be published by submitting their work for yearly member calendars.



Treat Yourself and a Friend
Special Offer Extended to December 31, 2014
You must sign up for this special offer using the links on this webpage.



Why should I join with a friend?
Making a difference in your life as a ceramic artist is important to us. It means we are fulfilling our mission.

Read how Potters Council has made a difference to the following members:

  • Knowing there is an organization working to help me as an artist is important. Even though I am not currently using the insurance benefits, it’s good to know that they are available if my work situation changes.” – Keba Hitzeman
  • As someone who works alone and has little interaction with other clay workers/artists, I appreciate being a part of a group of like-minded individuals.”Carissa Doying
  • I know that my excellent experience in the mentor/mentee program was due to the wonderful match the Potters Council made putting Jayne Shatz and me together. There is no telling how much my life has been enhanced by this generous gift. I will carry Jayne’s enthusiasm and her wonderful instruction with me as long as I’m getting muddy! I cannot place a value on my experience with Jayne. I have gained priceless knowledge and something much finer, a friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you Potters Council. I am so grateful…” – Saundra Vallier Dearman
  • I subscribe to Ceramics Monthly and appreciate the discount. I also appreciate the online directory listing. It is great to have a resource in your field for supporting ideas and information. Thanks for being there for all those who just make pots.” – Jim McKinnon


Enjoy the gift together
Giving this gift of membership shows that you want your friend to enjoy all the things that you will be experiencing as a member of Potters Council. To name just a few:

  • Close knit community, where sharing ideas or discussing problems is encouraged.
  • Continuing to grow as an artist by attending Potters Council workshops.
  • Expanding public exposure through member only calendars and juried shows.