We are so proud of our Members’ ceramic work.
The member only calendar is one of the top benefits members look forward to each year. Members are encouraged to submit up to two entries for the yearly calendar. We compile between 4 to 6 calendars each year that shares our members work. The calendars are available to the public for purchase. Be sure to check out the calendars below from 2015, we are sure you will be impressed and inspired by their work! Would you like to be featured in one of our 2016 Calendars? Join today!


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Current 2015 Calendars are available to the public for purchase. 

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2016 Calendar Submissions

Call for Entry Begins: June 1, 2015

Call for Entry Ends: September 1, 2015


 2015 Calendars


Alternative Firing CollectionAlternative Firing 2015 Calendar | (Names are listed in month order) M Selsor, T Schumacher, M Beaudoin, K Lachow, K Young, R Hunnicutt, D Joyal, G Mars, S Dunser, J Kovachick, M Puckett, V Witt.






General Collection2015GeneralCalendar_1 | (Names are listed in month order) H Bayless, I Lawson, S Thompson, P Bounaud, J Stewart, R Korczynski, C Niehaus, S Holstein, B Pool, L Martin, L Middleman, J Baymore.






Sculpture CollectionSculpture 2015 Calendar | (Names are listed in month order) H McKenzie, K Tso, S Scott, C Major, A Geiler, K Franz, T Lloyd, K Mathisen, S Stumpf, K McLean, D Goforth, S Sidebottom.






Vases CalendarVases with Flowers Collection | (Names are listed in month order) S Ikeda, J Cartwright, T Siebert, M Hamlin-Smith, D Britt, L Olderman, A Dowling, K Levin, J Fritz, S Szechtman, S Salaff, D Oliva.






Mug Collection2015MugsCalendar_1 | (Names are listed in month order) J Timm, S Scott, T Smerechynska, J Gray, M Angelica, A Kale, C Todd, C Christensen, E Behar, S Coppola, N Zoller.







Porcelain Collection  2015PorcelainCalendar_1| (Names are listed in month order) J McCurdy, R Coffman, J Glabus, J Ann, L Meade, K Swanson, E Krome, K McCarthy, M & J Devenney, L Gessin, E Allen, C Christensen.