We are so proud of our Members’ ceramic work.
The member only calendar is one of the top benefits members look forward to each year. Members are encouraged to submit up to two entries for the yearly calendar. We compile between 4 to 6 calendars each year that shares our members work. The calendars are available to the public for purchase. Be sure to check out the calendars below from 2014, we are sure you will be impressed and inspired by their work! Would you like to be featured in our 2015 Calendar? Join today!






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Current 2014 Calendars are available to the public for purchase. 

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 2014 Calendars


2014AltFireCalAlternative Firing Collection | (Names are listed in month order) Kylie Rose McLean, Anne Gorden-Vega, Marlisa Jeng, Jeff Hays, Betty Jean Wilcox, Karen Kubinec, Jim Hubbartt, Suzy Dunser, Marcia Selsor, Chris Turk, Jan Schachter, Jonathan Glabus.






2014_General_CalendarGeneral Collection | (Names are listed in month order) Curtis Benzle, Eric Serritella, Elhan Ergin, Michael Hamlin-Smith, Stephanie Osser, Lori Martin, Nicholas Bernard, Lee Middleman, Bonnie J. Gordon, Doris Fischer-Colbrie, Lori Theriault, Melanie Ferguson.






FC14_SculptSculpture Collection | (Names are listed in month order) Suzanne Stumpf, Diane KW and Mark White, Irem Kaya, Amber Aguirre, Kylie Rose McLean, Debra Sloan, Kathy White, Melanie Ferguson, Karla Walter, Evan Ting Kwok Leung, Brian Kakas, Christine Beaton.





FC14_VasesVases with Flowers Collection | (Names are listed in month order) Shana Salaff, Noelle Horsfield, Katherine Tholl, Maria Nordgren, Sandra Blain, Michael Hamlin-Smith, Sandra Blain, Lorraine Olderman, Linda Suskin, Sharon Vinciguerra, Shana Salaff, Alexis Moyer.





FC14_Teapot CalendarTeapots Collection | (Names are listed in month order) Susan Filley, Sarah Wells Rolland, Adrian Sandstrom, Richard Montgomery, Nancy Zoller, Marion Angelica, Farraday Newsome, David Voorhees, Eva Ting Kwok Leung, Kim Gross, Joseph Fattori, Jancy Jaslow.