Business Property and Liability Insurance
Potters Council is breaking down the barriers to make business insurance:

  • easy to understand
  • appropriate for ceramic artists
  • affordable
  • effective


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Many artists are not adequately insured or even have insurance, to cover business losses. One of Potters Council’s missions is to educate the ceramic community. Here we hope to provide our members information on understanding business insurance.


  • What would you do if you lost your studio in an accident?
  • What happens if you attend a craft show and your tent blows over destroying all your work?
  • What would you do if you were traveling in your car to a show and had an accident losing your inventory and other supplies?


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Do I need to have business insurance?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, then you should consider purchasing business property and liability insurance.



  • Do you rent studio space? If yes, then your equipment, tools, and inventory are not covered under your landlord’s policy.
  • Do you have a home studio? If yes, Homeowners insurance usually excludes most business property and all liability related to business activities, unless you have specifically purchased a home business endorsement (rider).
  • Have you accepted payment for ceramic work made by you? For insurance purposes, you are in business if you offer goods or services for sale.
  • Is your studio located in a separate building on your property? Homeowners insurance excludes buildings on your property if they are used for business purposes.
  • Do you produce work that can shatter and possibly cause an injury? Product liability is an automatic provision in the Zinc Insurance coverage component, it protects the artist from allegations which might arise as a result of an injury or damage from something they made and/or sold.

Zinc Creative Insurance Program

Zinc Insurance offers the Zinc Creative Insurance Program for Potters Council members. This program has successfully supplied artists with business property and business liability insurance for more than 31 years. They custom quote each artist to design a program that provides the appropriate coverage.


This program is available to those living in the eligible states in the US, US Territories, and Canada. For those living outside of the US and Canada, call Zinc for a referral.


Zinc Insurance

3505 E Royalton Rd
Broadview Heights, Ohio 44147
Contact: Chris Shaffer
(p) 440-526-2661



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Zinc Creative Insurance Program




Insurance is a cost of doing business
Having good insurance coverage is a responsibility that should not be overlooked. You have invested a lot of time and money into your studio and your artwork. Can you afford to restart over?


Insurance being affordable does not mean cheap; it means having your assets covered and the ability to recover your losses due to an unforeseen accident. It is a cost of doing business that should be factored into your strategic business plan.



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