Image Credit: Pre-Colombian Dog, Glenn Gates, Walters Art Museum

Image Credit: Pre-Colombian Dog, Glenn Gates, Walters Art Museum

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Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science Division (AACS)


What do cutting edge materials research and the investigation of ancient ceramic pots have in common? More than you might think, and the connections are the basis of a “new” membership division of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) that the members of Potters Council are invited to join for only $10 per year (a $120 value).


Join AACS to get involved with the numerous intersection points between art and materials science!


“The great part of this new group is that there is something for everyone. By joining, you can tap into a wide range of people. There are scientists, artists, and conservators, just to name a few. AACS is for anyone who is interested in these topics whether they are a hobbyist or a professional in the field.”

–Lynnette Madsen, 2013 AACS Division Chair


Benefits of Joining the AACS Division for Potters Council Members

  • Online access to the ACerS Bulletin, which publishes occasional articles related to cultural heritage and conservation science.
  • Online access to the ACerS/Wiley Journal of the American Ceramic Society, which includes occasional articles relating to art, archaeology and cultural heritage.
  • Online access to the ACerS membership directory to find others who share your interest in this area.
  • 35% member discount on ACerS/Wiley publications.
  • Make connections between art and science. Connect with scientists, engineers, and professors interested in art, archaeology, and cultural science.
  • Understand the latest cutting-edge research and learn about current research capabilities (for characterization).
  • Engage scientists and engineers in issues important to the Potters Council.
  • Attend biennial workshops at reduced member registration prices.
  • Run for AACS officer positions and serve on division committees.
  • Influence the program of ACerS conferences.
  • Opportunity to work with other ACerS members on art-science outreach activities.

 members, read more and join for $10

Potters Council members must use the link above to join the AACS division.


Only Potters Council members have access to the link above. If you’re interested in joining the division you must first become a member of Potters Council, then return to this page and click on the link above.

Not a member? Join now!



To advance the scientific understanding of the materials found in ceramic art, and to provide information that aids in the interpretation and preservation of traditional ceramic art and artifacts, as well as the techniques and technologies used in their creation.





“The AACS is great for people working in Cultural Heritage and Archaeology since by joining; they will have at their fingertips the vast resources and educational experiences available through The American Ceramic Society. They will also be part of a dynamic and exciting community composed of artists, chemists, and materials scientists all working at the highest levels of their respective professions but united by the common goal of preserving and better understanding our material past.”

–Marc Walton, 2014 AACS Chair


2009 20 51 xrf dec2010-smallVision:

  • Better appreciate the artistic side of ceramics and work cooperatively with others in the field (historians, archaeologists, curators, conservation scientists).
  • Attract and train the future workforce in this area.
  • Reconstruct older ceramic technologies and improve the press’ and public’s understanding of artistic and industrial ceramics.
  • Meet at least annually to discuss members’ interests, skills, ideas, etc., and explore hosting occasional tutorials on relevant topics.