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Potters Council

Potters Council was established in 2001 as a nonprofit subsidiary of The American Ceramic Society by a group of individuals like you. Individuals who are passionate about pottery, who care about education, and who want to continue making pottery accessible to anyone interested. The mission of the Potters Council is to meet the needs of studio potters and ceramic artists by providing forums for knowledge exchange and professional enhancement.

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by Giving a Gift that Gives Throughout the Year | By becoming a member with a friend, you both get the opportunity to show off your latest work in the members only juried show or calendars. Plan a clay weekend together by attending one of Potters Council’s regional workshops. You could both reach out to potters nearby with our member directory. Use this link: Special Offer Extended to December 31, 2014

Narrative: From Plan to Technique

Join us in San Diego, California, with artists Tammy Marinuzzi, Kip O’Krongly, Jack Troy, and Theo Uliano in this two day ceramic event.  Hosted by Jackpots Pottery, each artist will explain and demonstrate their own approach to clay, and how each listens to their own artistic voice to create new forms. DEADLINE TO SAVE $75 ON REGISTRATION IS DECEMBER 21, 2014

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Singh, Carolyn

Lexington, Kentucky

Shade Patterns; thrown buff stoneware with added handles, slip painted in yellow over light blue terra sigillata.

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Tom_Hicks_PC Member
About Potters Council

Potters Council is Dedicated to Meeting YOUR Needs as an Artist. The Potters Council was formed to create a community of potters and ceramic artists from around the world. By being an active member, you’ll be showing your commitment to studio artists like you who understand the touch and feel of clay and the continued joy (and challenges) it brings.

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