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Potters Council Student Membership

PC_Student_700pxPotters Council student memberships are created for the transitioning ceramic artist who is emerging from school to a professional level of ceramics. We are here to help direct, promote, and educate students.


During this transition period, we want to accommodate our student members and point them in the direction where they will be able to fully grow as a ceramic artists. Student members have access to all the same benefits as a Potters Council member, but at a discounted membership price of only $25.




How to Join as a Potters Council Student Member

To receive this discounted price you will need to call 800-424-8698 or 818-487-2054,
and provide a copy of your current student identification card along with a $25 payment.



Why Should You Join?

Gain access to resources and references, receive membership discounts, participate in our Potters Council Juried Show, receive the Potters Council Membership Newsletter, attend conferences and workshops at a discount price, and so much more!


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To see the full list of benefits of a Potters Council membership, click here.



Kaitlin Eramo, Potters Council Student Board Member- KaitlinEramo@nhia.edu

Learn more about the Student Advisory Board member and the Student Committee:

Kaitlin’s objective as the Student Advisory Board Member is to serve the needs of students whether they be in post-secondary education or apprentice training as they transition from a student to an independent artists. To involve this group into the larger pottery community through existing or new benefits and programs. Kaitlin is also the Student Committee Chair for the students and she is currently gathering students interested in volunteering a few hours a month to help develop ideas. If you’re interested please email Kaitlin. All committee meetings are teleconference.