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Potters Council Member Directory

NEW Member Benefit | Online Member Directory
Make connections with members-only access to the membership directory; search for colleagues and friends as well as make new contacts in the ceramics community. This important networking tool allows you to make contact with more than 3,000 ceramic artists and allows them to contact you.



Purposes of the Potters Council Membership Directory


  • Serving as an official listing of contact information for the individual Potters Council member, or member firm or organization
  • Identify resources for peer-to-peer networking or development of business opportunities
  • Providing a convenient system to identify members for business-to-business or business-to-consumer communications


Information is Current
Potters Council  member only On-Line Directory can be updated by 24 hours a day online. The updates will reflect in the directory within 24 hours after the change has been made. Potters Council member directory is password protected. Access is granted to members via their Ceramic Arts Daily sign-in. The directory is online only and we do not provide a printed version.


Interactive Member Directory
Potters Council’s interactive member directory helps you find peers by letting you search by name, city, state, zip, country, company name, email, vocation and primary ceramic interest. This community of ceramic artists is engaged, vibrant and thriving. Join today to be a part of this one-of-a-kind organization.


Connect with Members Around the World
Working in clay can sometimes be a solitary pursuit. But there are times that we need to share ideas, ask questions, search for solutions. There are times when we need a community of people who think like us, who feel like us, who love clay like us. That community is Potters Council.
Members will have endless ways to use the online member tool that will break d
own the geography barrier.


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Example of Member Directory Search Results


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Health Insurance, online artist portfolios, discounts on art books, newsletters and so much more…

Whether you’re a passionate professional or an enthusiastic amateur, you need to share your insights, questions, and comments with people who understand you. Making pottery can be a solitary pursuit. Talking and learning about it doesn’t have to be.




Join today and add your name to the growing list of potters and ceramic artists who are proud to count themselves among the membership of the Potters Council.