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Membership Committee Update


<p>Members and juried show winners, Simon van der Ven and Nan Rothwell, at the opingin for the Potters Council Show "FILL-adelphia" at a Show of Hands gallery.</p>

The NCECA Conference in Philadelphia was wonderful and it was great to see so many active Potters Council members attending. The conference is always a great
place for everyone to get together and share information about what we all love to do.

At the Potters Council open board meeting we were able to thank all the hard working Membership Committee members and recognize their efforts and contributions with a Potters Council Certificate of Service. The individuals on the Committee serve for one year, but they are also able to continue an additional year. Several are doing this and it will be extremely helpful in keeping continuity and momentum going on the many projects that we’re hoping to implement.

With this being said, there are still opportunities to contribute your
expertise to the Potters Council and be an active participant in the
organization. The Membership Committee is still working on the
mentoring program, ceramic education outreach, K-12 outreach, public
awareness of ceramic art, and ceramic art history. We would love fresh
input about how to best implement these ideas and what you would like
to see as part of these initiatives.

There is also a newly formed Awards Committee that will come up with
ideas for awards of recognition at the National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition
and other member recognition opportunities as well. We want to
recognize Potters Council members who are making significant
contributions to the field and their community regarding the ceramic
arts. Many artists give so much of themselves to help others and spread
the word about clay that it would be great to share and recognize these
achievements with the rest of the membership.

Our current list of committee members is listed below, but I hope to
add more names as other people want to be involved in helping the
Potters Council offer the best services and benefits that our members

As usual, if you have your own ideas to share and want to work towards
implementing them, you are invited to join the Membership Committee
and/or the Awards Committee by simply emailing me at
paul@studio3artcompany.com. I would like to thank you in advance for
volunteering your time, energy, and expertise to be on a Potters
Council Committee this upcoming year.

The Potters Council Membership Committee (March 2010-March 2011)
• Paul Andrew Wandless – Committee Chair & Vice President of Potters Council
• Antoinette Badenhorst – Committee Member & Potters Council Member
• Jack “Cactus” Caselles – Committee Member & Potters Council Member
• Charlie Cummings – Student Committee Member & Potters Council Member
• Jayne Shatz – Committee Member & Potters Council Member
• Marcia Selsor – Committee Member & Potters Council Board Member