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Sign up for your FREE subscription to the Ceramic Arts Daily Newsletter and we will give you Five Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques: Tips on Throwing Complex Pottery Forms Using Basic Throwing Skills Free!

Full of great pottery techniques, as well as ideas you can apply to any pottery project, these step-by-step wheel-throwing instructions will help you improve your pottery throwing skills from concept through completion. For a tool that really does one thing (spins in a circle), the number of techniques and results possible on the pottery wheel are just astounding.


Glenn Woods explains how to throw upside down for taller, trimmer pots. Simon Levin extols the virtues of throwing and trimming off the hump. Lyla Goldstein loves the concept of saucers and how they elevate the cup to a new level­. A great gift idea! And if you saw Yoko Sekino-Bové you’d admire how someone of small stature can make such large pieces, but that’s the secret she has to share. Finally, Doug Peltzman demonstrates throwing a great teapot form, one of the most difficult challenges for potters.


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1-13WoodsCutSpoutShape-200x300Pottery Wheel Throwing Technique #1


A Great Technique for Throwing Light Curvy Vases on the Pottery Wheel

by Glenn Woods


If you struggle with the problem of having too much clay left at the bottom of your wheel thrown pieces, why not turn things upside down? Glenn Woods did just that and came up with a beautiful lightweight pitcher. Throwing pottery on the wheel is challenging enough. Cut yourself some slack with this great technique!



levinimage6Maximize Your Efficiency by Throwing and Trimming Off the Hump


Precision Trimming

by Simon Levin


Most potters have heard of throwing off the hump, but trimming off the hump is a little less common. Simon Levin gives tips for maximizing your efficiency on your pottery wheel by doing both. 



3-06Goldstein-300x199Pottery Wheel Throwing Technique 3


Throwing a Cup and Saucer

by Lyla Goldstein


Throwing pots on the wheel is one thing but to throw two pieces that work together is a skill every potter should have. Lyla Goldstein loves the experience of drinking from a cup with a saucer and demonstrates her wheel throwing technique for making this classic combo.



4-YSBPhoto08-300x199Pottery Wheel Throwing Technique 4


An Easy Pottery Technique for Making Big Platters

by Yoko Sekino-Bovè


Throwing large pieces is an exciting challenge for any potter, and the reactions from non-potters is worth every bit of the effort. Yoko shows how even the smallest potters can make really impressive wheel-thrown platters.



5-figure-03-300x201Pottery Wheel Throwing Technique 5


How to Throw a Teapot

by Doug Peltzman


The teapot form is one of the most challenging projects to throw on a potters wheel. Doug Peltzman creates beautiful teapots and he demonstrates his complex technique that is sure to take your pottery skills up a notch.


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  1. flish November 21, 2014 at 9:54 am -
    ​ Ref: jody weigh several balls of clay the same and throw a cylinder high enough for a mug. If the mug turns into a tall vase, cut the weight down. Same process with plates and anything else you want the same size. Depending on your throwing skills, thickness of walls, width, etc, will determine the size of something thrown on a wheel not just the given weight
  2. angelika Fritzsche November 14, 2014 at 2:00 pm -
    Hi, I`m a selfmade german potter since 4 years. It`s the first time I read your newsletter and I have already learned something very useful for my work. I built my first gas-kiln 3 year ago and learned throwing pots on the potters wheel. Until now (I work every day several hours in my studio) it`s amazing how much support I found through the internet, utube, books and blogs. I feel blessed being now a part of this joyful and inspiring world of pottery and energetical people. thank you so much!
  3. Janet Mullins September 20, 2014 at 11:44 am -
    Lakeside Pottery has a chart.
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    I am from Iran and love your newsletter so much. Please make some thinks about glazing like avenchoreyan or others. thanks…
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    Hi I am from South Africa. I love the newsletters and have learnt so mush. Thank you
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    This is mominul prodhan ,man of bogra , Bangladesh .I have no job ,no employment .but honestly ,i feel keen interest about your ceramic Arts and releavant technics .would you please support me by sending some functional technic /process .I Wish i can receive something …for this act of kindness I shall be greatful to you..
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    thank you for the wonderful tips…great pics to accompany the articles…
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    I got good benefit from your nice site. Thank you very much.
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    Wonderful! Thanks for the neat techniques. I see one I woud love to investigate.
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    I’m looking for a weight chart for hand thrown pieces. How much cly to use for a bowl, mug, dinner plate ex.

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