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Welcome to your workshop! Whether you enjoy throwing, handbuilding, glaze testing or all of the above, we’ve pulled together several things for you to try out once you get back to your studio.


If you’re familiar with Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly, then you already know they’re packed full of practical information, projects, and techniques you can use. The articles in this 2015 Clay Workshop Handbook provide a sampling of some of the great content you’ll discover in each issue.

Enjoy your workshop!


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Here’s what is included in the Clay Workshop Handbook:
Knowledge and Techniques for the Pottery Studio



lzsScaling It Down
by Liz Zlot Summerfield


The size of a pot can be determined by things beyond its intended use, including one’s body size and the things you surround yourself with. Take a closer look and make a connection.



jabburTrimming with a Chuck
by Mike Jabbur


Tall, narrow chucks can make trimming easier because they actually fit inside the pot, saving rims from globs of smashed clay.



willardInspired by Cloth and Clay
by Adero Willard


Use a variety of techniques and tools on the same piece to add contrast and complexity—similar to sewing a patchwork quilt.



krupkaThe Oribe-Inspired Decorated Jar
by Ben Krupka

Reinvent a historical style to create surfaces that inspire you and creatively engage your forms.



lantinThe Print Duality
by Martina Lantin


Using monoprinting and toner-resist transfer to create layers of surface decoration. Cone 6–10 Glazes Kimberlee Joy Roth Roth shares the glazes she uses on her functional wall sculptures.


glazerecipesWorkshop Glazes


Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, Peters Valley School of Art, Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts, Ox-Bow School of Art, Northern Clay Center share some of their tried and true shop glazes.


rhubarbcrspRhubarb Crisp Baker
by Sumi von Dassow

Learn to make both your own baking dish and a great rhubarb crisp.


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About Ceramic Arts Daily:


Ceramic Arts Daily is a free online website and newsletter written and produced for the benefit of potters and ceramic artists worldwide. The newsletter features both renowned and emerging artists, their work, techniques and artistic perspectives. Regular features include tips and techniques designed to help every artist expand their skill set and widen their artistic horizons. Ceramic Arts Daily also delivers video tips, in which potters and ceramic artists demonstrate various projects and processes. Think of them as e-workshops!


Ceramic Arts Daily is designed to be interactive, inviting your comments and fostering a community in which each person can contribute to the growth of their own and others’ skills. You may be surprised at what you learn!


Ceramic artists on Ceramic Arts Daily know what ceramic art is all about – from functional pottery to abstract ceramic sculpture. This is about community. You’ll be drawn in by artists’ stories, inspired by their work and find confidence to try some of their techniques. With Ceramic Arts Daily, you’ll learn a little bit of everything. Then you can choose the techniques you enjoy the most to create something new!


So start today by downloading our free 2011 Clay Workshop Handbook: Knowledge and Techniques for the Pottery Studio. Then, get ready for Ceramic Arts Daily to introduce you to new artists and show you new techniques!



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