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It doesn’t take long to use up ceramic supplies up in the studio, especially if we’re really involved in making average sized pieces. And while you can easily locate ceramic suppliers on the Internet, finding one close to where you live can be a little more challenging. The perfect place to begin your search for pottery supplies is in our Company Locator. Here we’ve included 282 businesses (mostly in the U.S.) that provide pottery tools and ceramic supplies to studio potters everywhere. You may be surprised at what’s within driving distance of your studio!


Here’s an excerpt of what you’ll find in this handy freebie:


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Color Trends 2012


For those who pay attention to trends in color for wholesale orders—or just to keep up on what buyers are looking at—we translate one of the most respected sources for such things into glaze combinations. This can also serve as a guide to which prepared ceramic glazes may be the right choice for you to jazz up your work.


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Earlier this year, Pantone (known worldwide as the standard language for accurate color communication between designers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers, across a variety of industries) announced their biannual Home + Interior color forecast, which consists of nine color palettes and runs the gamut from muted tones to bright fluorescents — broad enough range for everyone to find something to like. These palettes are a go-to tool for many artists and designers who pay attention to industry trends.


Accompanying the Pantone palettes, we have pinpointing mineral choices for developing various colors in the glaze lab. Colors are listed with the various minerals needed to obtain them, approximate temperatures, atmospheres, saturation percentages needed, and comments on enhancing/inhibiting factors. A complete palette range can be found in Robin Hopper’s The Ceramic Spectrum.



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The 2012 Ceramic Arts Buyers Guide: A Ceramic Studio Supply Resource also includes the following:


New Products
Every year, new pottery tools and equipment appear on the scene. It’s not possible to cover every new clay tool that appears, but we can offer a sampling. Take a look. You may come across some pottery tools that will make your life easier.


Materials Update
As much as we love our ceramic materials, they do tend to give us fits from time to time. Keep up with the latest news on supplies of ceramic materials and some of the political and economic forces influencing their supply.


Ceramics Tool, Equipment, and Supply Locator
No matter what pottery supplies and pottery tools you’re looking to purchase for the studio, this handy guide will tell you who sells what and just where those suppliers are. They’re arranged by state and city, so you can easily locate ceramic suppliers close by.






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  1. josune December 8, 2011 at 7:29 pm -
    Gracias por la suscripción, el problema es que no entiendo el ingles y no veo ninguna indicación para poderla traducir al castellano.
  2. GLADYS October 30, 2011 at 8:29 am -
    ..have always wished for a better way to reglaze a product I am not satisfied with..any advice? Do I reglaze and fire at cone 6…wherein most of the glaze will burn off???
  3. alice October 29, 2011 at 10:20 am -
    have always wanted to know how to see the predicted colors for the next year. thanks. have been making colored glazes for years and now have about 300 samples. would love to make a video for folks who have never mixed a glaze but i have no camera skills whatsoever. any volunteers??

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