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There’s nothing more fun than putting your hands in clay, but when you get into the studio do you know what you want to make? With clay, there are so many projects to do, it’s hard to focus on which ones to do first. So, for those who may wany some step-by-step direction, here are 7 great pottery projects you can take on.


The ceramics projects selected here are easy even though some may look complicated. But with our easy-to-follow format, you’ll be able to duplicate what some of these talented potters have described. These projects can be made with almost any type of ceramic clay and fired at the recommended temperature for that clay. You can also decorate the surfaces of these pottery projects in any style you choose—just be sure to use food-safe glazes for any pots that will be used for food. Need some variation? Just combine different ideas with those of your own and create all-new projects. With the pottery making techniques in this book, there are enough possibilities to last a lifetime!


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7 Great Pottery Projects: Tips on Making Complex Pottery Forms Using Basic Throwing and Handbuilding Skills includes the following exciting and challenging pottery projects:



The Stilted Bucket

by Jake Allee


Jake is ceramics instructor at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas. He likes a good time just like most people and it shows with his “Stilted Bucket.” Nothing is stilted about Jake showing up at a party with a six pack, limes in a stilted bucket and hug for the host. The pottery making techniques in this project consist of throwing pieces and parts then cutting them up, manipulating them, and then reassembling them into a beautiful and unique object.


Got Juice?

by Dannon Rhudy

Dannon Rhudy has been a potter and teacher for many years, which probably explains why her demonstration on how to make a ceramic juicer is so clear and easy to follow. You’ll love this project and will want to make many of these useful kitchen juicers for all your friends and family.







Pinched Teapots

by Ron Korcynzyski


Teapots are one of the greatest challenges for any potter, but Ron took the challenge and developed this great pottery project for his high school students. The construction in this project is basic utilizing two pinched pots, the fun begins with your own variations!


Lana Wilson’s Textured Platters

by Annie Chrietzberg


Lana has a knack for creating wonderful loose forms that brings out a bit of envy in all of us. But, like all the ceramics projects in this book, her seemingly difficult platters are constructed and decorated one step at a time.



Covered Jar Set

by Steve Davis-Rosenbaum


The next time you make jars, why not make two and connect them. Steve figured out a process for his double jar set through a series of creative accidents and brilliant insights and he shows you how to do it yourself.


Making a Tall Vase

by Andrea Perisho


Veteran potter Mark Issenberg from Georgia creates his beautiful signature vases in three parts. When breaking down a big pottery throwing project into smaller pieces, the impossible becomes possible. Astonish your friends and loved ones with an impressive large piece.








Nesting Bowls

by Annie Chrietzberg


Annie reveals her technique for creating great looking nesting bowls beginning with a set of tart pans she bought at a kitchen store. To add even more variety, she adds texture to both sides of the slabs opening up the project to endless combinations.


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