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Ceramics Decorating Video: Beautiful Brushwork – Cathi Jefferson Shares her Decorative Techniques

Cathi Jefferson applies some brushed line decoration to a mug for salt glazing.

I’ve mentioned time and time again on this blog how much I love drawn, brushed, scratched, painted, etc. imagery on ceramic surfaces, but how I am still trying to master these various skills in my own work. I admire those artists who do it so well that it looks like a piece of cake. Cathi Jefferson is one of those potters. In today’s video, Cathi demonstrates the decorative brushwork techniques she uses on her salt glazed work, showing both the decorative process and the finished results after the firing.


Even though Cathi fires in a salt kiln – something I (and probably most of you readers) don’t have access to – I was completely inspired to try some of these techniques with the glazes I use at cone 6 electric. You should too! (And send me photos of the results! I might just post some on the Daily!) – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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