The vapor glazing techniques of salt and soda firing yield surfaces that are impossible to achieve in most other types of firing. And, the potter remains an active participant in the decorating process throughout the loading and the firing of the kiln. Plus, it is great for those who like to live on the edge because the results are never predictable! So it is not surprising that many potters get hooked on the technique.


In today’s video, Gordon Hutchens gives us a quick introduction to the salt/soda firing technique. He explains some of the considerations that go into building a salt/soda kiln (do not try this in an electric kiln or any other kiln that you wish to use for any other type of firing!). He also discusses some of the ways you can get great decorative results from the way the ware is placed in the kiln. If you wanted to know more about salt/soda firing, this video is a great place to start! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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This clip was excerpted from Salt-Soda Firing with Gordon Hutchens,
which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.

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