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Letter from the Editor June/July/August 2014


Did you know I have been the editor of this magazine for eleven years? Neither did I—I mean until I went and looked and realized this is my 110th issue as editor. The reason I went and looked is because this will be my last issue as editor of Ceramics Monthly. I’m not going away completely, but will be focusing more on my “other” role as Managing Director of the Ceramic Publications Company, which publishes our sibling magazine Pottery Making Illustrated, many ceramic-art books, as well as the Ceramic Arts Daily website and video program, and the Potters Council, which is a membership organization for—you guessed it—potters. This transition, as with any like it, comes with some mixed feelings. I have a very close affinity for this magazine because of what it has taught me over the years, not just professionally as an editor, but personally in my studio. Being the editor of Ceramics Monthly has become a significant part of my personal identity, and stepping away from that will introduce a bit of uncertainty into my life. Luckily, I’m not actually leaving the building, and I’ll get to continue to work with all of the same incredible people who make this magazine (and everything else we do here) happen on a daily basis.


I have no doubt the magazine will be in good hands, because one of those people is Jessica Knapp, and she will now bring her expertise and knowledge to these pages in her own way, and that is exciting. Many of you know her as the current managing editor here at CM; she has hounded some of you for content, made important connections between authors and artists, made sure those folks got paid (and on time), and has been instrumental in ushering each issue of CM from planning to content to layout to press. For those who don’t know her, you will soon, since she will be taking over this column starting with the September issue. But before she introduces herself, I’ll tell you a few things you may like to know:


She is a dedicated ceramic artist whose work has been included in many exhibitions from regional to international, some of which I have had the privilege to see in person. She has worked here for six years, and in that time has maintained her studio practice (not an easy thing to do, and a fact that demonstrates her commitment to this field). I respect her as an editor, I admire her as an artist, and she’s one of the most professional and conscientious people I know. Perhaps especially for those last reasons, I won’t feel so bad forwarding all of your letters to her starting next month. (I forget whether or not I told her that was happening so soon.)


Ms. Knapp is going to continue to do a great job, you’re going to like her as editor, and this magazine will continue to serve your needs as potters, artists, educators, and readers. I know this because I know her—and soon you will, too.—Sherman Hall, editor.


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