LFE_April14tifYou guess who made each of these cups, and I’ll send you a cup made by yours truly. I’m not about to claim that it will be as good as any of the cups you see here—but I think it’s pretty good.


To enter, and to get a better look at all of the cups, go to www.ceramicsmonthly.org and click the Cup Contest link, which will magically appear on the right sidebar when the contest begins (see below).




Rules (because there have to be some):

  • Limit one entry per person
  • Identify 9 of the 10 cups by the maker’s first and last name.
  • If you see your cup here, you can still enter, but your cup cannot be one of your entries, so you have to nail the other 9!
  • First five correct submissions win.
  • Contest begins March 21 at 9am, Pacific Standard Time (apologies: we inadvertently printed the 14th as the start date—one week too early!)
  • Cups will be shipped when I get around to it (soonish).


In putting our last issue together, focused on Masters in Clay, and receiving great feedback and suggestions from you about your influences and those who you feel deserve coverage of a similar type, I began reflecting more intentionally on what really influences me in the studio. What came from that was an understanding that it’s individuals as much as their work that provide inspiration, information, and understanding. Some of those represented here occupy a place in my life only through their work; others have had direct personal impact (and honestly, their work means more to me because of it). Regardless of that, all 10 of these cups play some significant part in my daily life. So this little game is meant to be interesting and fun, but it’s also intended as a way to connect my influences to you, through me and my work. Plus, I need a reason to get back in the studio and make some cups! And I hope that, as you sit in your studio making cups (or whatever you’re making), you create some mental space to focus on your own influences and those individuals who helped bring you to where you are now. Enjoy! —Sherman Hall, editor.


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