As one year draws to a close and another approaches, one thing I like to consider is—well—the coming year. I’ve mentioned here before the fact that “magazine time” runs at least three months in the future, and that we’re constantly looking ahead to what is coming next (or after next, more accurately). And when one does that, suddenly spring of 2014 does not seem that far away, which I think is a very nice thought, don’t you? So, in going through this exercise, we are reminded that there are several opportunities for readers and others to contribute their work and their events to Ceramics Monthly.


If you present or host summer workshops, you’re likely working even further ahead than we are on those plans, and will soon have your 2014 workshop schedule in place. When that is finalized, you’ll want to submit those for free to our April Summer Workshops listing. And if you’ve taken your share of workshops and classes, put in countless hours in the studio, and have a body of work you think is ready to hit the pages of CM, get your photos together and send them in to be considered for our Emerging Artists 2014 feature in the May issue. Those working toward a career in clay for ten years or less are eligible. And for those of you still in school, we have a spot for you as well. Even though it may seem like it’s too far away to think about right now, we know how a school year can fly by, and before you know it the year will be over and it will be time to send in your work for our Undergraduate Showcase feature at the end of June (for the September issue). So be sure to leave time to get your work photographed and sent in. 


All of these opportunities are outlined on page 12, and the details are pretty straight-forward—you just need to get them on your calendar. You have a calendar, right? Don’t forget that these are not the only opportunities to share with your community through the pages of CM. After all, there is no ceramics community without you. To many, we understand that this magazine can seem aloof and unreachable simply because it’s the largest in the field and it carries with it all the trappings of what it means to serve a very large audience. But please know that when we put each issue together, it’s the content from makers and authors who are passionate about ceramics that makes it what it is. This is not pandering—it’s a fact. You are welcome and encouraged to send in what you would like to see in the magazine, whether it’s your own work or someone else’s. We love seeing your studio Tip and Tool ideas (thoroughly photographed, of course) as much as all CM readers do. I don’t care how experienced or inexperienced you are, my guess is that you are interested in tips to make studio life easier—and I also bet you have a tip or tool that everyone would like to hear about.


collagesocialmediaA good number of our Studio Visits come from suggestions either from makers themselves or their friends. If nothing else, it’s a really good motivation to clean your studio and think about what is awesome about being there and working there (you may be surprised at what you learn).


You can also brag about your research, testing, and techniques in a process article. You don’t need to have re-invented the wheel; you just need to have found your own way to spin it—and haven’t we all?

And, of course, if you’re work is included in an exhibition, let us know about it and make sure the exhibiting venue knows how to send us images and information.


For full details on sending these and many other types of content to Ceramics Monthly, go to and click the link to the right that says “Content Guidelines.” Of course, if you are a Facebook or Twitter junkie (don’t try to deny it), you can always message us @ceramicsmonthly or through with your ideas and images as well. Get your calendars, get set, go!– Sherman Hall, editor.


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