Ceramics and Jewelry & Metals Workshops at Paducah School of Art and Design-Martha Grover, A Passion for Porcelain, June 27-28; Jessica Calderwood, The Enameled Image, June 27-28; Harris Deller, Line to Volume and Back Again, July 11-12; Tova Lund, The Found Object in Contemporary Jewelry, August 1-2; Craig Rhodes, On-glaze and Production Techniques, August 1-2; Susan Beecher, Sensational Salt Fire, August 7-9; Douglas Harling, Granulation: Methods and Techniques, August 12-16; and John Neely, Pots for Tea, August 12-16. For more information, call (270) 408-4278 or visit PaducahSchoolofArtandDesign.org.

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