So this is our “back to work” issue. For many, it’s the “back to school” issue, and for that reason, we use it to showcase undergraduate work, as well as review the NCECA “National Student Juried Exhibition.” And in the spirit of traditional as well as nontraditional education, we posed a question to Mark Shapiro, one of our editorial advisory board members: “What is one of the things (advice, technique, philosophy) you’ve learned from a mentor or instructor that has been surprisingly invaluable?” You can check out his answer on the last page of this issue..

—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Jason Walkers’ City Animal: We Burn Things, That’s What We Do, 17in. (43 cm) in length, 2008.

In this issue:

Undergrad Showcase 2013:

Rick Lecarpentier

Undergrad Showcase 2013:

Dane Hodges

Undergrad Showcase 2013:

Catie Miller


Undergrad Showcase 2013:

Maura Wright

Undergrad Showcase 2013:

Joani Inglett

Wet Slip Inlay

Robert Strasser


Impenetrable Ambiguities:

The Illustrated Work

of Jason Walker

by Anthony Stellaccio



Obvious and Obscure

by Mark Shapiro



Current and Upcoming





Studio Visit:

Paruth Hann, Siem Reap,

Interpreted by Pari Gilmour

Clay Culture:

Brick by Brick

by Elizabeth Coleman

Clay Culture:

The Singapore Dragon
by Madhavi Subrahmanian


Exhibition Review:

Wearing Different Hats:

2013 NCECA National

Student Juried Exhibition

Reviewed by Garth Johnson

Erik Gronborg: The Last


Reviewed by
Matthew Kangas


Techno File:

Expansion Test Glazes

by Michael McDowell



Bernini: Sculpting in Clay

Reviewed by

Diana Lyn Roberts

Tips and Tools:

Tools at Hand

by Debra Oliva


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