If you told someone it took you months to get that mug right, they may look at you as if they thought you were inept, and they might wonder why you would waste so much time at something you are clearly not very good at. Except that’s exactly how we get good, isn’t it? —Sherman Hall, Editor


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cover: Kristen Kieffer’s small covered jars, 9 in. (23 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain with slip-trailed, slip-sponged, and underglaze decoration, fired to cone 7 in oxidation, 2012.


In this issue:

Kristen Kieffer: The Impact
Daily Elegance

by Lauren Karle

Threads of Inspiration:
Etched Clay

by Debra Oliva

Undergraduate Showcase


Studio Visit: Justin Teilhet

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Techno File: Boron in Glazes     
by Matt Katz
Clay Culture: Ceramic Water Filters
Clay Culture: A New/
Classic Spin
by Cristy Bertini
Clay Culture: Wedgwoodn’t
by Holly Goring
Exhibition Review: NCECA 2012
National Student Juried Exhibition
by Tony Merino

Exhibition Review: Tranquility   
and Understatement: 

Young-jae Lee

by Paul McAllister

Exhibition Review: 
Ani Kasten
by Andrea Marquis

History Lesson

by Michelle Erickson


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