196209 Cover 2

On the Cover: Knight by Elizabeth Heil; Stoneware Bottle by Charles Lakofsky; Students from a ceramic class at Montclair Museum Art School

The Knight on the left is part of a wheel-thrown sculpture by Elizabeth Heil; center is a detail from a Stoneware Bottle by Charles Lakofsky; and the panel on the right are students from a ceramic class at the Montclair Museum Art School.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions




The Technique of Enameling by Kathe Berl


Beginning with Clay by Hal Riegger


Ceramics in the Educational Program by Alicia Rahm


The Hibachi by Don Wood


Naples Yellow from Raw Glazes by Richard Behrens


Bisque Stamps for Decorating by Richard Peeler


Glaze Printing Techniques by Marc Bellaire


Cutting Glass by Kay Kinney




Engobes for Color in Salt Glaze by F. Carlton Ball

Show Time: Toledo Area Artists Exhibition; Bay Area Arts and Crafts Guild; Cleveland May Show


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