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On the Cover: Back-to-Work Issue

The potters on this month’s cover typify our September theme, “Back-to-Work.” Like ceramists all over the country, they are getting started on another busy season as they scrape, decorate and glaze their over-size pieces of pottery.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Pic of the Month




A Glass Mosaic Clock Face by Peg Townsend


Suggestions from our Readers


Firing in a Pasture Kiln by Helen Young


Wax Resist Glaze Decoration by F. Carlton Ball


Firing Glass Bottles by Kay Kinney


Show time: Designer-Craftsmen U.S.A.—1960


Using a Pencil Plan by Marc Bellaire


Hanging Lamps by Phyllis Cusick


Frames for Enameled Pieces by Kathe Berl


Bottle into a Teapot


Good Glazing Makes a Difference by Karl Martz


Forming by the Slab Method by Glenn Nelson


Answers to Questions




Teacher’s Pet by Harold James McWhinnie