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On the Cover: Back to School

This issue includes Special Projects for students, teachers and hobbyists. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Enameler’s Column: Enameling Over Firescale by Kathe Berl




Clay Toys That Move by Earl C. Hassenpflug




Underglaze: Pennsylvania Dutch Motif by Marc Bellaire


Sgraffito Through Glaze by Oppi Untracht


Enameling: Variations in Champleve by Mary Kretsinger


Design for Jam Sessions by Don Wood


Producing “Egyptian Paste” by Helen C. Young


Stoneware: Techniques with Engobes (Part 3) by F. Carlton Ball


Overglaze: Mineral Colors by Zena Holst


Answers to Questions conducted by Ken Smith




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