Now, I’m not trying to start a discussion on the relative merits and comparisons between wheel throwing and handbuilding, or recommend against using tools, or suggest that those of us who have more of our actual hands in the clay are better or more informed or more satisfied in some way than others, but I do think there is something nice about being reminded after several years in clay of the reason I first got into it—the amazement at the things one can do with just hands and clay.

—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Matt Repsher, Nest Jar, 10 in. (25 cm) in height, Laguna SB Red cone 6 clay, slip, 2010.

In this issue:



Taking Tiger Mountain

by Strategy: Self, Mass,

and Revelation in the

Sculpture of William DePauw

by Anthony Stellaccio



Making Art-Making Tools

by Michael Sherrill



Current and Upcoming





Studio Visit:

Scott and Naomi

Schoenherr, Laguna Beach, 


Clay Culture:

Origins of Kiln Gods

by Martie Geiger-Ho

Clay Culture:

Dinnerware Illusions 
by Holly Goring


Exhibition Review:


Reviewed by Andrea Marquis     

Exhibition Review:


Reviewed by Glen R. Brown   


Techno File:

Metallic Finishes

by John Conrad and

Jack Hachigian



Adam Silverman and the

Craftmanship of Risk

by Kathleen Whitney

Tips and Tools:

Large-Carving Easel

by Barbara Stevens

Dichroic Flash

by John Conrad and

Jack Hachigian


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